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ships50's Journal

a ship themed writing community
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ships50 is a friendly, low pressure writing community. The community and prompts are based on those from the icon challenge community ships100, I take no credit for the prompt table.

The basic premise of this challenge is to write 50 stories, a single 50 chapter story or many stories with different numbers of chapters that somehow equal 50. Fanfiction and original stories are welcome.

You should use a form like this to introduce your story outside of the lj-cut/link, but you do not have to use this exact form, you can add or take away whatever you wish to and you can put the information in whatever order you choose:

Word Count:

When you have completed all 50 themes, please comment here to receive your banner.

The claims here are for two person pairings, not threesomes or friendships. The couple does not have to be linked romantically in all 50 stories, but they should be a romantic couple in a majority of stories.

Do not post in the community at all until your claim is accepted. All members may claim up to two pairings, for fanfiction the two pairings must be from two different fandoms.

Stories should be a minimum of 100 words each, they can be as long as you wish after 100. All ratings are welcome. When posting here all stories should be under an lj-cut or be linked back to where it is posted in another journal.

This is a place for you to post stories that were written for this challenge. Non-story, stories not written for this challenge, and spam posts are not allowed. I will delete the post.

To prove you read the rules put the words "ships50 claim" in the subject line of your claim. If you don't, I will ignore your comment.

Check the claim list and claim your pairing here, only one person is allowed to have a pairing at once.

01.Young. 02.Life. 03.Hardship. 04.Drama. 05.Gold.
06.Forgotten. 07.Loneliness. 08.Don’t Leave. 09.My Name Is... 10.Betrayal.
11.Answers. 12.Forever. 13.Tomorrow. 14.Bitch, Please. 15.Candy.
16.Selfless. 17.Regret. 18.Emotions. 19.Denial. 20.Seeing Red.
21.Despair. 22.Reckless. 23.Choice. 24.Agony. 25.Contradiction.
26.Pink. 27.Flowers. 28.Anti-Hero. 29.Questions. 30.Family.
31.First Meeting. 32.Far Away. 33.Prayers Answered. 34.Feeling Blue. 35.Sexual.
36.Come Undone. 37.Everlasting. 38.Beautiful. 39.Tease. 40.So Close.
41.Lovers. 42.Affection. 43.Unclothed. 44.Sensitivity. 45.Oops!
46.Green. 47.Silver. 48.Joy. 49.Serenity. 50.Attraction.

Here's the code if you want a table:

Q: Is there a deadline for how much time can be between posts or how much time we can take to finish the total challenge?
A: No. I am in a lot of writing challenges myself and understand how hard it is to get them out in some sort of deadline. Please, take all the time you need.

Q: Are original characters allowed in fanfiction?
A: Yes. All I ask is that you explain in at least one story/intro how they came into the pairing to relieve confusion.

Q: Is incest allowed?
A: Yes. If you do write incest in your story ALWAYS put a warning in the intro because there are some people who would rather not read that.

Q: What types of pairings are allowed?
A: All pairings are allowed. Slash, het, etc. Homophobia or heterophobia will not be tolerated.

Q: Can I use a story I wrote before for this challenge?
A: I'd rather you not, but I'm not gonna yell at you if you do.

Q: How many pairings can I claim at once?
A: This is stated up in the general rules. Two. But the two pairings have to be from two different fandoms. If you really want to do two pairings from the same fandom, write the stories then claim the other one when you're finished. I just don't want any one person to take up an entire fandom and I don't want any one person to have too many claims at once.

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